Kitchen Table Coaching

Kitchen Table Coaching

I will have the kettle on and supplies of biscuits and chocolate at the ready. We sit and chat in a very informal setting, but we can cover an awful lot of ground in a session (which normally last between one and a half to two hours.) It's all very relaxed, helped along by my socially inappropriate dog who can put anyone at their ease (if you don't appreciate doggy company, just let me know and she can be out of the way).

Kitchen Table Coaching with Liz Abram

Easy chat progresses seamlessly into real, proper grown-up coaching, possibly without you realising. We can work on all sorts of areas which apply to many personal and professional issues; confidence building can lead into business strategy or career transition, for example. Working on communication can lead to improving relationships, better management at work, enhancing your leadership potential and getting what you want out of life. We can manage your divorce or separation to minimise stress and disruption. Or maybe you desire a physical health / sanity overhaul and need to think about how you can incorporate some changes into your life - we can manage and plan for that, too.

Whatever change you wish to make, be it personal or professional, kitchen table coaching sessions are a great way to start. You will probably need more that one session, over a period of time, in order to reinforce new ideas and check that the changes you have implemented are working to your satisfaction - but that is a great way to ensure you're getting what you really need out of the coaching process. What I'm aiming to do is to steer you to the new improved version of yourself and (figuratively!) hold your hand in the process. As they say in the adverts - "You're worth it!"

"Liz has been a great help to me in my attempting a lifelong goal to try to become a midwife. With her help and support I feel I have the confidence to look at the hurdles ahead of me and face them head on. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel it gave me valuable time to look at what I hope to achieve in life. I would recommend Liz to anyone who is in need of reassessing where they are and striving to make steps to change their environment." -  Kate Woods, Catering Manager