In these challenging times, join me via phone or Skype for Coaching to help you get your life sorted.

- Coaching Options During the Covid-19 Crisis -

The current pandemic means we must change how we do things for now, in order to keep as many people as possible safe and well.

In order to achieve this, and in line with current guidelines, I am offering coaching phone calls and Skype sessions as follows:

25 minute "Quick Pick-me-up" call @ £30

40 minute "Business Brainstorm" or "Sanity Saver" call @ £50

1 hour "Deep Dive call @ £75

Block of 3 phone or Skype coaching sessions up to an hour each @ £200

Do you know where you are going?

No matter where you are in your life, coaching can help. 

It can help you gain confidence, cope with career transitions or deal with relationship issues, as well as reduce stress and simply get the 'stuff' in your head and in your life sorted.

And getting out in nature on one of my Walk and Talk sessions works on an even deeper level. You know, when you walk side by side with someone who is listening as you "offload", putting one foot in front of the other and taking fresh air into your lungs against the backdrop of the countryside, things already seem better.

Coaching with Liz Abram in Staffordshire and Derbyshire Peak District

"Liz is one of those people you hear about from other people. You will hear how amazing she is. You will hear about how she has a unique ability to make you feel at ease very quickly and how she has a "no bullshit" approach to coaching. Well… all of that is true. 2018 was a very intense year for a number of reasons. When I went to see her at the end of the year, I was beyond exhausted. I spent a day with her talking through everything. We covered a huge amount of ground during that time and it became a pivotal turning point. It was a revitalising and re-energising experience, unpacking everything and only repacking what was needed going forward. My energy, creativity and drive has been restored thanks to Liz. Outstanding."


Whether you love the outdoors or prefer to sit at my kitchen table, there is a coaching option right for you.

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If you prefer to be in the great outdoors and would like to see some wonderful countryside while we work, then my 'Walk and Talk' sessions may be for you!

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Less formal than a desk, my kitchen table coaching includes plenty of tea and chocolate while we work. 

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My own unique take on mind mapping is a great way to unearth all sorts of obstacles you have built to prevent progress.